Access your device’s camera while using Business Central on the go!

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central has a powerful mobile app that allows you to work anywhere at any time. A very powerful feature included in both the app and web client browser is the ability to access your device’s camera. This is a fantastic addition that allows you to do even more on the go.

The most immediate benefit is adding item pictures. You can now easily take a picture of new items as they arrive. Besides item pictures the camera feature can handle document upload as well. Take a picture of expense reports, credit memos, invoices and more. Business Central will then attach and store that document. Attaching documents, item pictures and more while in the field or offsite prevents forgetful errors and allows access to those documents immediately.

The camera function of Business Central is one of many features that sets it apart from its competition. To learn more about the mobile application or Business Central in general contact [email protected] today!