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Quickly view and edit your Business Central data in Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a top choice for small to medium sized business for many reason including its native integration with Microsoft Business Applications that you are already using to manage your store. One of the most powerful integrations is with Microsoft Excel.

With Excel and Business Central you can easily export business data to excel. This allows you to quickly use the power features and tools of excel with just a click of a button. You can view, edit and analyze your data. This includes using Excel’s charts, graphs and functions. Once you are done you can sync your data back into Business Central with just a click. You can also use Excel to edit tables and data that could be cumbersome to edit one in at time. Watch the video below to see how fast and easy it is to view and edit your data in Excel.

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Process EMV Transactions In Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Operations (Dynamics AX)

System Solutions has developed a new integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Operations, previously called Microsoft Dynamics AX, which allows users to process EMV chip and pin transactions. The Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Operations (Dynamics AX) EMV Integration allows retailers, wholesalers, and distributors to process various types of EMV transactions, including sales, returns, voids, and more.

Since 2015, retailers have been changing their method of credit card processing to EMV to comply with regulations. This integration makes it easy for Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Operations users to do the same. More capabilities include:

EMV processing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Operations is supported by the following processors: Mercury, first Data, TSYS, Sterling, Worldpay, Heartland, Chase Paymentech, Global Payments, Vantiv, and more.

If you would like to learn more about the Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Operations (Dynamics AX) integration from System Solutions, please read the brochure, watch it in action, or talk to a sales representative by emailing us or calling 860-781-6470.

Press Release: Microsoft Dynamics EMV Chip and Pin Integration and House Account Signature on ISC250 Released for Microsoft RMS

Glastonbury, CT, October 11, 2016 –(– System Solutions has released software for the Microsoft RMS EMV Chip and Pin Integration. This software enables retailers with Microsoft RMS to process EMV transactions using Verifone VX805 and Ingenico ISC250, including House Account signature capture. EMV Processing is available for the following processors: Chase Paymentech, First Data, Heartland, Mercury Payments, Sterling, TSYS, Worldpay, and Vantiv. The integration now also supports Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and more.


How It Works
The integration works directly with Datacap NETePay software which has been adopted by all major processors. The Datacap software communicates with the Chip and Pin device and sends the combined credit card transaction information to the credit card processor for authorization. House Account signatures can also be captured and printed on an Ingenico ISC250. The integration makes the fastest, lowest cost solution for Microsoft RMS point of sale users to immediately process EMV transactions.

Microsoft RMS is widely used across the United States and many other countries around the world. The EMV liability transfer effective October 1, 2015 requires merchants to be able to process EMV transactions or take financial responsibility for fraudulent in-store card purchases. System Solutions is well known for Microsoft RMS implementations and integrations supporting many Ingenico and Verifone devices past and present. “The RMS EMV Chip and Pin Integration makes the fastest, lowest cost solution to become EMV compliant now, and maintain future flexibility in choosing credit card processors and devices as more processors become certified on Datacap,” says Dave Durrenberger of System Solutions, a Microsoft RMS Certified Partner.

For more information, watch the video or email us at System Solutions.


Press Release: Microsoft Dynamics Firearms Retail Software Now Released for Microsoft Dynamics AX

System Solutions Releases Electronic Bound Book and Electronic Form 4473 for Microsoft AX

GLASTONBURY, Conn., Oct. 11, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — System Solutions has released the Microsoft Dynamics AX version of Firearms Bound Book and Electronic Form 4473. This popular software replaces the manual Firearms Bound Book system, and provides electronic processing of Form 4473 and FBI NICS. Microsoft Dynamics AX tracks serialized firearms and general inventory from receipt through sales, holds, layaways, returns and more. The integration provides an easy solution for selling and trading firearms and ammunition in the store front, and managing inventory in the back.

Microsoft Dynamics AX’s Firearms integration includes electronic Firearms Bound Book and electronic Form 4473. Microsoft Dynamics AX is an end to end retail system with many more features and benefits than proprietary systems, including point of sale, procurement, service management, accounting, inventory management, mobility, and omni-channel retail. The Firearms integration allows firearms dealers, sporting goods dealers and other niche retail stores selling firearms and ammunition to process electronic: ATF Form 4473, FBI NICS background check and other forms and transactions within the Microsoft Dynamics AX point of sale. “This integration makes the fastest, lowest cost, and complete enterprise management solution to sell and trade firearms and ammunition through point of sale while staying ATF compliant,” says Dave Durrenberger of System Solutions, a Microsoft Dynamics Certified Partner.

ATF Compliance
With Microsoft Dynamics AX, dealers can create purchase orders and process ATF compliant receiving, trades, layaways, sales and returns simultaneously with other items in the store, all while managing customers and inventory. A retailer can stay ATF compliant while maintaining seamless, time saving inventory and check out processes and create a great customer experience.

Long Term Benefits
Microsoft is the leader in PC, server, and business software worldwide. Single and multi-store sporting goods, firearms, niche retail, service, and rental stores can purchase Microsoft Dynamics AX POS technology backed by an ecosystem of Microsoft trained retail professionals in every state. “With proprietary point of sale systems, retailers really have limited or no choices when it comes to available features or support options. These companies just don’t have the depth of retail knowledge, money and resources of Microsoft and it’s ecosystem of retail partners,” says Dave Durrenberger of System Solutions.

Watch a Firearms Sale Using Microsoft Dynamics AX with this integration.

For more information on Microsoft AX, email us at System Solutions.


Why Should Retailers Use The Task Recorder In Microsoft Dynamics AX?

In Microsoft Dynamics AX, there is a unique Task Recorder function. This tool allows you to record any process within the POS system or the Back Office. Processes ranging from Adding a ship-to address for a POS transaction to Invoicing a customer account from a service order can be recorded, saved, and referenced in the  future. The Task Recorder not only automatically  generates a video of the process, but also a Word document with each step detailed and screen shots included.


How can this tool help my business?

Training employees can be time consuming and difficult, especially when teaching the ins and outs of a POS or ERP system that a new employee has never used before. Hands on training is valuable, there is no doubt about that. But for new team members who may not have experience using POS system, remembering all of the steps for each function can seem daunting. The Task Recorder makes it easy for new or seasoned employees to view steps for any process at any time.

Standardization is hard to maintain for some retailers when managers have different preferences or ways of doing things. One manager may store information under a customer’s name, while another manager is storing information under the customer’s company title. Recording the process using the Task Recorder will show the standard way to complete the process, thus increasing standardization.

Time Saving activities are something all businesses can benefit from (time is money, right?) Let’s say you have hired a new store manager, and it is her first time completing payroll by herself. You have shown her the process step by step a few times, and have answered any questions that came up. However, while completing the task, she forgets how to do one step. Without the Task Recorder, this manager would either have to look online for solutions, call other managers and hope they are available to help, or push off payroll until another manager comes in the next day. With this recording capability, she can simply look under ‘Payroll” in the Task Recorder, and watch a video that you have recorded on exactly how to complete it, jogging her memory of the step she could not remember.

Specific to Your Business process steps are hard to find online. Sure, employees can Google how to do something within your POS system if they are in a jam, but that online explanation or online training video may show a company in a completely different industry than your business, or with different products and services. Having recorded process steps easily accessible and showing your business’s actual products, services, and customers generates more accurate process completion steps.

This function makes it easy to record and save specific business processes, whether they be complex and long or simple and quick. The records are stored within the Task Recorder itself, and the videos and Word documents can be saved to your computer, shared on your server, emailed to all store locations, etc. To watch the Task Recorder in action, see the video below:

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Top 5 POS Tools For Service & Repair Industry Retailers

For retailers in the service industry, keeping track of service order schedules can pose some challenges. Some repairs take hours longer than originally planned for, technicians get overbooked, and when it comes time to invoice the customers some services can be left out. Managing the service or repair processes for your business with verbal communication, pen and paper, or different software systems increases the chance of errors. It also increases labor, which, let’s face it, we could all benefit from having a little less work.

So, you should let your POS system do that extra work for you. With the right tools, service management is a breeze. The following are the top 5 POS tools every retailer in the service or repair industry should use.

Automatic Conflict Checking  First, you should be able to assign specific technicians to jobs. Then, your POS should notify you if the technician you are trying to schedule for a job is already booked for those hours. This makes scheduling easier for you, and allows your employees to see their upcoming scheduled repair jobs.

Service Stages Unique to Your Process  When tracking the progress of a service order, you should be able to see accurate stages that reflect your actual business processes. If your POS system only shows “In Progress” and “Finished”, you do not know why the item is still in repair or when it will be finished. However, if you are able to input your own service stages, then you would know that that item is “Waiting for parts”, which adds time to the process, giving you and your customer a more accurate time estimation.

Ecommerce Integration  To have an item serviced, customers can either call your location to set up a time or can simply walk in. While these methods are effective, most people these days choose to do things online when possible. Ecommerce Integration allows your customers have an online order submission option.

Invoice Creation Right From Service Order  The service order shows all of the details of labor hours, cost of parts, and other expenses associated with the service. If you use a separate system for creating and tracking service orders than you use for accounting and finance, then you will need to manually input the information from the POS system into the financial system. This process not only increases the chance for errors, but also increases labor.

Electronic Supplier Connection  For different items, you may need to order parts to complete the repair. You also probably keep some parts on hand that need to be re-ordered every so often. Connecting electronically to your suppliers though EDI Updaters allows you to see updated inventory levels at all times. That way, if an item needs a certain part, you can see how many you have on hand and then order the part quickly and easily if needed.


With Microsoft Dynamics AX, All of These Tools Are Available

This video shows the ease of creating, processing, and invoicing a service order using Microsoft Dynamics AX.


Microsoft Dynamics AX makes running your service and repair business easy by offering all of the tools listed above.

  • Microsoft Dynamics AX utilizes automatic conflict checking when scheduling technicians to jobs in the Service Management module. That way, you are never overbooking your employees and you can provide customers with accurate time completion estimates.
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX enables you to create and edit the service stage processes in the Service Management module, providing you with service stages unique to your process. This manifests more transparent communication between you and your technicians, and allows you to more accurately determine the length of time needed for jobs.
  • With the Enterprise Portal, ecommerce integration is easy. Not only does it allow you to track sales, customer history, and items left in customer carts, it also allows your customers to submit service requests online.
  • Because Microsoft Dynamics AX is an all in one system, it has Accounting, Finance, Payroll, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable modules built in. With these capabilities, you can create an invoice right from a service order with a few clicks of a mouse.
  • With the Inventory Management module, electronic connection to any supplier is possible with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

To see some more capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics AX, watch our Business Management Overview, Task Recorder, and POS Cash Sale Features videos. You can also view Microsoft Dynamics AX on a mobile device.

If you would like to speak with a sales representative about Microsoft Dynamics AX, please email us or call us at 1-860-781-6045.


Congratulations Cedar River Garden Center in Palo, IA!

Cedar River Garden Center is the winner of our IGC Showcase raffle, and will be receiving a Windows 10 laptop! Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth, we enjoyed meeting everyone and had so much fun at the show. We hope to see you next year at the IGC West Fall Showcase on August 15th – August 17th 2017 at the Navy Pier in Chicago, IL.

CRGC - IGC laptop winner

If you didn’t have a chance to meet us at IGC, or if we did meet there and you would like to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics AX, please email us or call Mark Powell at 860-781-6470.

You can also view our Garden Brochure, and follow us on social media for details, upcoming shows, and promotions.


HDW 2016 Fall Dealer Market

Come join us at the HDW 2016 Fall Dealer Market to see the latest Microsoft technology for Lumber, Hardware, Building Materials, Service, Rental, Farm, and Fertilizer POS- Microsoft Dynamics AX!

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Where: Statehouse Convention Center in Little Rock, AR. Booth #429

When: Friday August 19th – Sunday August 21st

Why: Microsoft Dynamics AX can replace pad and paper, or any custom or proprietary POS system.  Microsoft Dynamics AX makes managing your business easier by offering all the basic retail features of your current system, with the addition of other included features such as: Mobility, Payroll, Inventory Management, E-Commerce, EMV Chip & Pin Integration, Tablet and Smartphone Apps, Rental and Service Management, Consumer Insights, Warehouse and Distribution Management, and more. These capabilities can be implemented as a comprehensive solution or as individual business functions, allowing you to customize the best option for your business.

Plus, by stopping by our booth, you’ll be Automatically Entered To Win a Microsoft Windows 10 Laptop! See who won the prize at out last tradeshow here.

Please watch out Business Management Overview and POS Cash Sale videos to see Microsoft Dynamics AX in action.

Not looking to change your POS system at this time? See 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your POS System for more information.

If you would like to speak to a sales representative before or after the tradeshow, please feel free to email us anytime or call (860) 781-6470.

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your POS System

upgradeHaving the right tools to run your business is essential – You need suitable inventory, hardworking staff members, a reliable way to keep records, and a POS system to process transactions. Sometimes you need to hire some new staff members or order new products for your inventory – But how do you know when to upgrade your POS system?

  1. Your current POS system is outdated. If it is older than your youngest employee or intern, it is definitely time to switch. Do you remember wondering if your current POS system could withstand the Y2K changeover? If so, you’re probably due for an upgrade.
  2. You need multiple systems to run your business. You have a POS system for your registers, you have accounting software for your payroll, you have a few others to manage your inventory, vendors, and warehouse distribution. If this sounds like your business, then it is time to switch to one POS system that can perform all of those functions seamlessly and easily. Doesn’t keeping your shirts, pants, shoes, and jackets all together in one closet make getting dressed a lot easier?
  3. The employees using your system get frustrated with it. Maybe the inventory from your warehouse is never up to date because it doesn’t take into account online orders. Maybe doing stock counts on pen and paper with no images of the items gets difficult. Keep this in mind: Your cashiers are the last people your customer interacts with before leaving your store. If they are frustrated during that final transaction because of something regarding your POS system, then they may not be leaving your customer with the best impression. Happy employees generate happy customers. Happy customers generate profit.
  4. The support for your current POS system does not meet your needs. Every time you call you speak with a different person, so they don’t know about how your system crashed last week and how that crash could be related to the current problem you’re having. You try to ask for the person you spoke with last time, but you don’t remember his name and the person you’re on the phone with can’t look it up for you. Upgrading to a new POS system and having a support team that assigns your business a specific technician can relieve many of these headaches in the future.
  5. You want to be able to use tablets and smartphones. Have you noticed that more stores are checking out their customers on tablets and smartphones, but can’t even imagine that being realistic for your own business? If you have an up to date POS system, then you can use the latest technology as well.


Time to upgrade

If you would like to speak with someone about upgrading our current system, please give us a call at 860-781-6470 or email us at [email protected].

Personalizing Customer Experiences With Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX enables you to manage your entire business with one system. From the sales floor to the headquarters, Microsoft Dynamics AX has all of your business needs covered.

With an innovative Modern POS setting, Microsoft Dynamics AX runs on tablets and smartphones as well as desktop computers and registers. This encourages your employees to have a more personalized interaction with your customers.

With the ability to locate customer history in the database and to see available inventory at all store locations at the touch of your fingertips, Microsoft Dynamics AX seamlessly empowers store associates to provide every customer with the best possible service.

Microsoft Dynamics AX can replace any current POS or ERP system, easily converting data from one to another. Being able to access inventory, accounting, consumer insights, sales, e-commerce, and delivery schedules all in one place makes running your business a whole lot easier.

If you have any questions about the Modern POS feature of Microsoft Dynamics AX, or wish to learn more about how this system can ultimately improve your bottom line, please contact us at System Solutions LLC:

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 1-888-816-8002

Modern POS