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Never lose sales due to internet outages again! Run transaction offline with the Offline Sales App!

Perform point of sale transactions when you’re offline! System Solutions has created a simple to use application to allow you to process sales when your database is offline.

Simply log in, select a customer and sell! You can scan in, search for or scroll through your items. Apply discounts and even enter shipping information if necessary. Once you are back online the sales from the offline will sync up with Business Central. Your inventory, finances and sales info will all be updated. Those sales will also be reflected on the customer’s card as well.

This application takes the connection “what ifs” out of cloud software. Don’t lose another sale due to internet outages, get the app here!

Don’t have Business Central? Contact [email protected] to learn about how Business Central can streamline your business processes today!

Microsoft’s POS and retail management solution for Habitat Restore and Goodwill Retailers!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a complete retail management solution perfect for Goodwill or Habitat Restore Retailers. Business Central is a cloud based software solution, allowing you to get work done from anywhere at any time. This also allows you to use existing devices, no need for special hardware when you switch. This is a complete retail management solution, including POS at a price you can afford! Business Central is created by Microsoft for small to medium sized businesses.

Goodwill or Habitat Restore Retailers can enjoy:

  • Easy donor creation and donation item entry
  • Automatic label printing.
  • Integrated credit / debit processing, gift cards, and John Deere Financial
  • Electronic Distributor/COOP Inventory, Ordering and Receiving
  • Integrated AR with E-Receipts and E-Statements
  • Order forecasting from lowest cost supplier
  • Automatic PO creation from order forecast

Interested in learning more about Business Central? Contact [email protected] today for more information or to set up your personalized demo!

The Mobile Inventory Scanning App is the easiest way to compile a physical inventory list right in Business Central!

Do you need an easy-to-use solution to accurately compile a physical inventory list? Are you looking for an inventory solution that allows you to quickly scan and count your items on a handheld device? The Mobile Inventory Scanning app for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central was created to speed up, streamline and simplify the physical inventory process.

The Mobile Inventory Scanning App allows your staff to quickly take a physical count of items on a handheld scanning device. Barcodes can be scanned, or item numbers can be entered. Mobile item counts populate to the Item Journal across all devices.
Compiling an accurate physical inventory can be a cumbersome, time consuming process. Utilizing mobile scanners speeds up that process while reducing errors. Our application allows your team to scan items simultaneously across multiple devices. Easily manage your locations, whether you have one store, multiple stores or warehouses the Mobile Inventory Scanning App supports it!

Ready to download the app? Click here to download and start your free trial!
Don’t have Business Central? Contact [email protected] to learn if Business Central could fit the needs of your store.

Integrate AndersenIQ with Business Central for a complete POS system perfect for Andersen retailers

The AndersenIQ Integration provides direct integration of Andersen Intelligent Quote software into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and converts AndersenIQ window and door designs directly into quotes, sales or work orders. Integration with AndersenIQ allows Business Central to be the perfect all in one solution for Anderson retailers across the globe.

With Business Central and AndersenIQ you can:

  • Converts AndersenIQ window and door designs directly into Microsoft Dynamics 365 quotes, sales, or work orders.
  • Automatically creates new window and door items in Microsoft Dynamics 365.
  • Quote, sell, deliver, or install all in Business Central.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is complete cloud based retail management solution perfect for small to medium sized stores. If you’re ready to streamline your business processes, work from anywhere at anytime and seamlessly connect to AndersenIQ contact [email protected] today!