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What Is Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Operations?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Operations is a cloud based ERP (enterprise resource planning) system. ERP systems help companies integrate and manage their supply chain, financials, customer relationships, projects, human resources, business intelligence, and more all in one place.

This business management solution, Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Operations, is the next generation of Microsoft Dynamics AX. According to Nucleus Research, it leads the pack compared to other ERP systems. See how Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Operations stacks up against other systems. One difference between Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Operations and Microsoft Dynamics AX is that Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Operations is cloud based, although it does have both hybrid and on premise versions available. Microsoft Dynamics AX is mainly an on premise ERP solution. Some more differences include licensing options, pricing structures, and a few additional capabilities for Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Operations. However, the main modules and overall competencies of both systems remain the same.

So, what can this system do? With an array of built in modules, Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Operations enables retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers to manage their entire enterprise using only one solution. Marketing, sales, and ecommerce capabilities allow companies to sell effectively leveraging multiple channels. Business intelligence and advanced reporting provide detailed insights regarding financial, inventory, staffing, customer, sales, and supplier information. Some major functions of the system are pictured below.

For any company burdened by the cost of their IT infrastructure, overwhelmed by the need to use multiple systems, sick and tired of complicated processes, or wishing they could manage all of their business needs in one place – Now they can, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 For Operations.

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