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Access your device’s camera while using Business Central on the go!

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Business Central has a powerful mobile app that allows you to work anywhere at any time. A very powerful feature included in both the app and web client browser is the ability to access your device’s camera. This is a fantastic addition that allows you to do even more on the go.

The most immediate benefit is adding item pictures. You can now easily take a picture of new items as they arrive. Besides item pictures the camera feature can handle document upload as well. Take a picture of expense reports, credit memos, invoices and more. Business Central will then attach and store that document. Attaching documents, item pictures and more while in the field or offsite prevents forgetful errors and allows access to those documents immediately.

The camera function of Business Central is one of many features that sets it apart from its competition. To learn more about the mobile application or Business Central in general contact [email protected] today!

Integrate Business Central with Microsoft Flow to automate your business processes!

Integrating Microsoft Flow with Dynamics 365 Business Central automates mundane tasks to improve your workflow. Microsoft Flow is a workflow engine that integrates with many products inside and outside of the Microsoft Family of software. Flow works based off of a trigger and action chain. For example, When and item approval is requested in Business Central it can triggers an action you have set up. We could make it so when the item approval is requested you receive an email, text or push notification. Now you would be notified of and can handle your item approvals anywhere at any time.

Microsoft has out of the box integration for all approval processes within Business Central. You can easily add conditions for certain items, contacts and more to create the perfect process for your business. Flows can be as simple or complex as you need them to be and Microsoft provides templates to help you with the setup process. With integrations to over 100 different services, Microsoft Flow makes the services you use work seamlessly with Business Central.

Contact [email protected] to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and how it can help grow your business!

Warehouse Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a complete business management software including powerful warehouse management features! With different levels of complexity and features you choose the warehouse management features needed based off order volume and current business processes. Whether your business implements a detailed bin and slotting system or a simpler organization method, Business Central offers the tools to help you easily improve your warehouse management and increase effeciency.

Business Central Warehouse capabilities include:

  • Automated Data Capture Systems
  • Bins
  • Bins Set Up
  • Internal Picks and Put Aways
  • Facilitate Warehouse Transfers
  • Track Items  
  • Warehouse Receipts
  • Warehouse Shipments
  • And More!

Business Central’s robust warehouse management features help you meet supply chain management challenges and improve efficiency. The scalability of the solution allows you to meet your needs without having to pay for features you don’t need. Contact [email protected] to learn more about implementing Business Central and their warehouse management tools.

Take Business Central on the Go! – Access your data anywhere at anytime!

Access your data anywhere at any time with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Whether you’re on a phone or tablet you can still get work done while on the go. Available on Andriod, Apple and Google phones, now you can easily work while on the go. Process sales quotes, view up to date charts, KPIS and reports all with a few taps. You can send invoices and even use the camera on your device to attach pictures.

With the Business Central Mobile App you can:
• View, edit and send sales quotes or invoices
• Get up to minute KPI’s and reports
• Access all sales history and charts
• Send data to Office 365 or Excel
• Share reports or data with contacts
• Shoot and upload photos right from your device’s camera
• And so much more!

Do all this and more while knowing that your data is kept safe and sound with Microsoft Azure. Download the app today from your app store and take Business Central with you! Don’t have Business Central? Contact [email protected] to learn how Business Central can improve your business processes at a price you can afford.