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Rental & Reservation For POS

System Solutions Rental and Reservation solution allows you to rent and reserve right from your POS screen!

This is a full point of sale solution to those seeking an all-in-one, easy-to-use option for their rental and reservation needs. With this solution, you can create unlimited rental time periods, each with separate grace periods, late fees, deposits, etc., and you can set up cost of goods, damage waivers for rentals and reservations, as well as allow for pro-rating of rentals, allow or deny renting for customers with overdue rentals, and more.

A Few Rental Features:

  • Supports renting multiple quantities of the same item during one transaction.
  • Make use of serialized rental items to automatically or manually track run-time hours for maintenance purposes, store comments, etc.
  • Charge refundable security or other deposits for full or partial credit on rental return.
Rental & Reservation Main Screen

Rental & Reservation Main Screen

A Few Reservation Features:

  • Automatic conflict checking prevents from creating conflicting reservations/rentals/
  • Reserve items for future time periods.
  • View availability of all rental items for any period of time.
Reservation Section

Reservation Section

To see more about Rental & Reservation, please click here.
To watch it in action, click on the specific action you would like to see below:

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Ingenico Controls

System Solutions Ingenico Controls solution provides  the same signature capture functions as the “big box” stores. With Ingenico Controls you are capable of displaying custom images, videos, messages, or promotions to your customers at checkout.

SM 50 Percent Off Sale Image

Custom promo image


Custom logo with message

Watch a video to see it in action here.

These units also provide the capability to display other forms such as the running total display, card type, swipe prompt, signature prompt, and transaction total. Not to mention these units are also EMV capable.

This solution is often used with our Signature Capture and Print solution, which provides the ability to have signatures print on receipts and viewed and re-printed from the journal viewer. Learn more here.

To speak to someone about Ingenico Controls or Signature Capture and Print, please email us at [email protected].

EMV Integration

Chip-based credit cards chips

EMV Integration has been a big discussion as of late and many have been driven into a state of panic, but there is no need to panic. First let’s discuss what EMV actually is. EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard and Visa. The EMV integration is a joint effort thought up by Europay, MasterCard and Visa to ensure the security and global ability of chip-based payment cards. The big to-do concerning this integration is really about the liability shift, which has been defined as either the issuer or merchant, who does not support EMV, assumes liability for counterfeit card transactions.

The changeover is due to the fact that almost half of the world’s credit card fraud occurs in the U.S. and it is thought that this is due to the fact that we are still using magnetic-stripe cards which are much easier to counterfeit than chip-based cards. Banks currently assume liability for fraudulent card charges, but beginning October 2015, if someone pays with a fraudulent card and you (the merchant) are not set up with EMV capable hardware, the banks are no longer liable.

So let’s get things straight:

  • You are liable for fraudulent charges caused by hacks into your own system.
  • You are liable for fraudulent transactions using your swipe and signature hardware if the customer has a chip card.
  • If you have a new terminal, but the bank has not provided a chip and pin card to the customer, the bank is liable.
  • The party, either the issuer or merchant, who does not support EMV, assumes liability for counterfeit card transactions. The term issuer, refers to banks, credit unions, and any other financial institution issuing credit or debit cards.
  • You are NOT required to switch by law. No matter what, there will be a liability shift, so weigh your options. Customers will still be able to swipe and sign using your existing hardware as of Oct. 2015. Depending on your payment processor, you don’t have to implement EMV. Chip-based cards will still have magnetic strips. There are payment processors that do not require you to switch, or to purchase new hardware, so talk to your Partner or do your homework to find out what your options are.

Below are a few reference links on the topic of EMV:

If you would like to speak with someone about EMV capable devices, please click here.

Blish-Mize Market Madness

The Blish-Mize 2015 Spring Market is taking place in Overland Park, KS at the Overland Park Convention Center. Blish-Mize says it’s going to be Market Madness, so don’t miss it!

Blish-Mize logo

We will be in booth #736 from March 20-21, 2015, so stop by and speak to Chris about your hardware, farm and home, and agriculture retail needs. Pick his brain about Microsoft RMS or ask him your point of sale questions.

Feel free to check out some of our solutions before the show, like our Blish-Mize Updater , watch some demos, or see some of our POS options, Customer Management or Store Management options. If you have any questions please reach out to us at [email protected].