Monthly Archives: November 2021

Setting up and Managing Multiple Units of Measure in Business Central!

With Microsoft Dynamics Business Central you can set up unlimited units of measure for any item. Receive chain by the pallet and sell it by the foot or the roll. A common use of this feature for our customers is when selling lumber. Below you can see an example of a pine board with different units of measure set up for the lengths it is sold at vs the unit it is purchased in.

You can easily set up an item with multiple units of measure with its own barcode to quickly sell and then track those sales. This level of unit of measure control allows for faster sales, and more accurate inventory by reducing errors. Setting up different units of measure will also save you time every time you purchase these items! Check the video below to learn more about managing different units of measure in Business Central.

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Save yourself time and hassle when sending documents and information in Business Central!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers users features that cannot be found in other 3rd party software. All these features can save you and staff time and remove the need to switch between apps, screens and programs. The ability to connect your email to Business Central allows you to send documents, data and more without leaving your screen. There’s no need to export documents before attaching or opening or closing your email app of choice, everything is done for you right in Business Central. The integration is secure and sends your message just as fast as any other app. Connection is easy too. Setup can be done in just a minute. Click the video below to see how!

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Use Business Central and Shopify to offer Local Pickup or Delivery!

Offering customers the option to buy online and pickup in store is vital in today’s world. Microsoft recently announced a partnership with Shopify to give Business Central users a native integration with Shopify’s industry leading e-commerce platform. That integration makes it easy to sell items online and offer local pickup or delivery.

Your online store customers will be able to select “Local Pickup” at checkout. At time of online checkout your customers will receive an automated order confirmation email. When the order is marked as ready for pickup a second notification will be emailed to the customer. Both emails are completely customizable to fit your brand and provide your customers will all the necessary information about their order. Click the video below to see this process in action!

Thanks to Shopify and Business Central’s ability to integrate your sales, customer info and inventory will sync up immediately. No need to update, transcribe or move data from one software solution to another. Business Central is leading the way with features not found in other 3rd party software. To learn more about Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central contact [email protected] today!