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Save time and reduce errors with OCR Invoicing Services in Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has countless features that can’t be found in other 3rd party software. One of those features is OCR Invoicing services.

Many distributors and COOPs have electronic invoicing. If that’s you, don’t worry, we can connect their system to Business Central. But if not you may be stuck manually entering data from JPGs, PDFs or paper invoices. Manual data entry is not only time consuming, but it can lead to costly errors. OCR invoicing services scan your document and make it into a payable document in Business Central!

Click here to see how these OCR services in action! Whether your distributors offer electronic connections or not, Business Central can help streamline your business processes. Contact [email protected] today to learn more!

Business Central is teaming up with Shopify!

Microsoft has announced a partnership with Shopify to expand the Dynamics 365 Business Central ecosystem. Native integration with Shopify’s industry leading e-commerce solution will allow Business Central users full integrated access to the Shopify platform. This groundbreaking integration will increase the scope of Business Central, truly allowing users to have one hub to run every aspect of their business.

Shopify gives its users an easy to setup and easy to use e-commerce solution. Adding the comprehensive business management features of Business Central and the e-commerce functions of Shopify gives users a way to natively link e-commerce and ERP; No fussy connectors or additional software required! Shopify and Business Central will allow you to see all your data on costumers, inventory and order history in one place. This will save you countless hours when managing reports, purchase orders and more!

With native connections coming soon to Business Central, users can look forward to unlocking a comprehensive e-commerce solution at an affordable price. Contact [email protected] today to learn more about Shopify, Business Central and the possibilities thanks to this groundbreaking innovation!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central makes compiling a physical inventory list easy!

Performing a physical inventory of your store, stockroom or warehouse doesn’t need to be difficult. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central makes performing physical inventory easy. Quickly execute a physical count all within Business Central. To speed up the inventory process System Solutions has created the Mobile Inventory Scanning App. With this Business Central extension, you can quickly scan your barcodes rather than enter item numbers. There is no faster or easy way to enter your products on hand!

Business Central and System Solution’s Mobile Inventory Scanning App speed up the cumbersome physical inventory process while reducing errors to ensure accuracy. Click here to download the Mobile Inventory Scanning App. Don’t have Business Central? Contact [email protected] today to learn more!

Rental Management features within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central!

Stores that handle rental equipment know the hassles that can come with that side of their business. Disconnected or inaccurate information coming from your system, errors in rental charges causing you to lose out on profits are just a few of the common issues facing stores with rental items

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central you can handle your rental units in the same software for your POS, back office, finances and more. As an all in one retail management software solution, Business Central can provide your store with up the minute rental information when you need it.

Track Complete unit history including any repairs or parts needed for the unit. You will also have access to any specifications needed to ensure you’re renting the best equipment for a customer’s job. With Business Central you’ll never have to worry about missing charges, everything is calculated automatically, even for metered usage! Once that unit is returned to you its status changes so you know it’s ready to be rented out again. ROI and Margin tracking also update immediately so you can see exactly how profitable each unit is.

Business Central is the ideal all in one retail management software solution for stores with rental units. Click here to see the rental capabilities of Business Central in action. Interested in learning more? Contact [email protected] today!