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Microsoft Dynamics RMS Next Generation – Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail!

Microsoft has released the next generation of Microsoft Dynamics RMS retail software called Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail!

In the coming months or years you may be interested in migrating to the Microsoft Dynamics AX product.

AX offers all the basic retail features of your current RMS point of sale with the addition of many other included features like: Mobility, General Ledger, Financials, Payroll, Merchandising, E-Commerce, Customer Care, Order Management, Warehouse and Distribution Management. These capabilities can be implemented as a comprehensive solution or as individual business functions allowing you to select the best option for you.

Keeping your Microsoft Dynamics BRAP* current will result in reduced license migration costs.

Microsoft is also making Microsoft AX available in a cloud based subscription pricing model!

Currently we are programming the Microsoft AX Supplier / COOP: catalog, ordering, invoicing, POS data, event, promotion, image and other electronic transactions, depending on the Supplier / COOP. Some Suppliers and COOPS are completed already.
Additionally, a new product called RMH (Retail Management Hero) which uses the same database as RMS, will be available this year. This product is appropriate for those retailers purchasing their 1st POS system or those RMS users that want to move from RMS but not to AX, in the years ahead, 2020 and beyond. Supplier / COOP Updaters are already working with this product, as it uses the same database as RMS.

Microsoft Dynamics RMS
• As Microsoft invests in the future, Microsoft Dynamics RMS will continue to function as it does today. Microsoft support for RMS will extend beyond 2020. If you can’t see an improvement in the bottom line by switching to Microsoft AX, there is no current reason to make any changes to your RMS.
• Additional Microsoft RMS POS and HQ Store Licenses can be purchased by existing RMS licensed users as long as their BRAP* is current, the same policy as always.
• Microsoft RMS remains fully customizable and System Solutions will continue to support and create RMS customizations, Add-Ons, extension(s), Supplier / COOP catalog and warehouse integrations, and 3rd party software integrations.

If you would like to speak to someone about this solution, please email us at [email protected].


Go Green this Summer

Systems Solutions LLC’s RMS Green Customer Service add-on  provides the ability to automatically e-mail receipts at time of transaction and e-mail statements with optional receipt copies and signatures. Also includes capture of transaction authorized buyer and purchase order number.

RMS Green Customer Service

If you would like to see this solution in action, watch our demo video. If you would like more information regarding this solution, please contact us.