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Go Green this Summer

Systems Solutions LLC’s RMS Green Customer Service add-on  provides the ability to automatically e-mail receipts at time of transaction and e-mail statements with optional receipt copies and signatures. Also includes capture of transaction authorized buyer and purchase order number.

RMS Green Customer Service

If you would like to see this solution in action, watch our demo video. If you would like more information regarding this solution, please contact us.

Auto Emailing in POS


One of our popular add-ons is RMS Green Customer Service. With this add-on, one can automatically email receipts and statements to their customers (among other great features), saving time, money and offering an eco-friendly option. One of the most favored features when using RMS Green Customer Service in POS, is the ability to automatically email receipts from point of sale. Customers who are set up will automatically receive an email copy of their receipt. There are many other advantages of this Microsoft RMS add-on that makes it so popular, such as setting up prompts for or requiring purchase order numbers, authorized buyers, job names, passwords, and global discounts. One can also set up tax exempt customers or groups as well. There are many beneficial features that make this add-on so attractive. To learn more about this solution, click here.

To make reviewing this add-on easier we’ve posted demo videos to show the add-on in action including how to configure RMS Green Customer Service, setting up and sending Customer Statements, automatically emailing receipts in POS, required purchase order numbers and authorized buyers in POS, and how tax exemption works in POS.

If you have questions, or would like to purchase this add on, please contact us at [email protected].