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The Secret To Easy Job Tracking In Microsoft Dynamics AX

System Solutions has developed a new add on for Microsoft Dynamics AX, which allows companies to easily track orders for multiple jobs on customer statements. The Microsoft Dynamics AX Job Tracking By Ship To Address On Statements Add On enhances job tracking on every statement by making the Ship To Address visible in its own column.

Adding a column to show the Ship To Address for every item on a statement makes job tracking easier. Instead of seeing a list of items, and needing to go back into other documents to find out which items are for which job, the information is readily available next to each item. This enables employees to track job materials at a glance, and to ensure all materials are being shipped to the correct location.

Additionally, let’s say one job is remodeling a home, and the homeowner wants to replace all of the windows. A bulk discount can now be applied to a model of windows for this job. Using The Microsoft Dynamics AX Job Tracking By Ship To Address On Statements Add On, this specific price change is saved and will be automatically applied if more windows need to be ordered to that location. If the contractor then wishes to order the same window for a different job, then the discount will not apply even though the contractor is ordering the same product under the same account, because the jobs have different Ship To Addresses. The price change will only save for the specific job that qualified for the discount, eliminating errors when ordering because no price changes need to be manually inputted.

If you would like to learn more about the Microsoft Dynamics AX Job Tracking By Ship To Address On Statements Add On from System Solutions, please read the brochure, watch it in action, or talk to a sales representative by emailing us or calling 860-781-6470.

Why Should Retailers Use The Task Recorder In Microsoft Dynamics AX?

In Microsoft Dynamics AX, there is a unique Task Recorder function. This tool allows you to record any process within the POS system or the Back Office. Processes ranging from Adding a ship-to address for a POS transaction to Invoicing a customer account from a service order can be recorded, saved, and referenced in the  future. The Task Recorder not only automatically  generates a video of the process, but also a Word document with each step detailed and screen shots included.


How can this tool help my business?

Training employees can be time consuming and difficult, especially when teaching the ins and outs of a POS or ERP system that a new employee has never used before. Hands on training is valuable, there is no doubt about that. But for new team members who may not have experience using POS system, remembering all of the steps for each function can seem daunting. The Task Recorder makes it easy for new or seasoned employees to view steps for any process at any time.

Standardization is hard to maintain for some retailers when managers have different preferences or ways of doing things. One manager may store information under a customer’s name, while another manager is storing information under the customer’s company title. Recording the process using the Task Recorder will show the standard way to complete the process, thus increasing standardization.

Time Saving activities are something all businesses can benefit from (time is money, right?) Let’s say you have hired a new store manager, and it is her first time completing payroll by herself. You have shown her the process step by step a few times, and have answered any questions that came up. However, while completing the task, she forgets how to do one step. Without the Task Recorder, this manager would either have to look online for solutions, call other managers and hope they are available to help, or push off payroll until another manager comes in the next day. With this recording capability, she can simply look under ‘Payroll” in the Task Recorder, and watch a video that you have recorded on exactly how to complete it, jogging her memory of the step she could not remember.

Specific to Your Business process steps are hard to find online. Sure, employees can Google how to do something within your POS system if they are in a jam, but that online explanation or online training video may show a company in a completely different industry than your business, or with different products and services. Having recorded process steps easily accessible and showing your business’s actual products, services, and customers generates more accurate process completion steps.

This function makes it easy to record and save specific business processes, whether they be complex and long or simple and quick. The records are stored within the Task Recorder itself, and the videos and Word documents can be saved to your computer, shared on your server, emailed to all store locations, etc. To watch the Task Recorder in action, see the video below:

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Personalizing Customer Experiences With Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX enables you to manage your entire business with one system. From the sales floor to the headquarters, Microsoft Dynamics AX has all of your business needs covered.

With an innovative Modern POS setting, Microsoft Dynamics AX runs on tablets and smartphones as well as desktop computers and registers. This encourages your employees to have a more personalized interaction with your customers.

With the ability to locate customer history in the database and to see available inventory at all store locations at the touch of your fingertips, Microsoft Dynamics AX seamlessly empowers store associates to provide every customer with the best possible service.

Microsoft Dynamics AX can replace any current POS or ERP system, easily converting data from one to another. Being able to access inventory, accounting, consumer insights, sales, e-commerce, and delivery schedules all in one place makes running your business a whole lot easier.

If you have any questions about the Modern POS feature of Microsoft Dynamics AX, or wish to learn more about how this system can ultimately improve your bottom line, please contact us at System Solutions LLC:

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