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The Secret To Easy Job Tracking In Microsoft Dynamics AX

System Solutions has developed a new add on for Microsoft Dynamics AX, which allows companies to easily track orders for multiple jobs on customer statements. The Microsoft Dynamics AX Job Tracking By Ship To Address On Statements Add On enhances job tracking on every statement by making the Ship To Address visible in its own column.

Adding a column to show the Ship To Address for every item on a statement makes job tracking easier. Instead of seeing a list of items, and needing to go back into other documents to find out which items are for which job, the information is readily available next to each item. This enables employees to track job materials at a glance, and to ensure all materials are being shipped to the correct location.

Additionally, let’s say one job is remodeling a home, and the homeowner wants to replace all of the windows. A bulk discount can now be applied to a model of windows for this job. Using The Microsoft Dynamics AX Job Tracking By Ship To Address On Statements Add On, this specific price change is saved and will be automatically applied if more windows need to be ordered to that location. If the contractor then wishes to order the same window for a different job, then the discount will not apply even though the contractor is ordering the same product under the same account, because the jobs have different Ship To Addresses. The price change will only save for the specific job that qualified for the discount, eliminating errors when ordering because no price changes need to be manually inputted.

If you would like to learn more about the Microsoft Dynamics AX Job Tracking By Ship To Address On Statements Add On from System Solutions, please read the brochure, watch it in action, or talk to a sales representative by emailing us or calling 860-781-6470.

Fertilizer Blender

We have a new add-on available, called the Microsoft RMS Fertilizer Blender. This tool allows retailers to offer the option to create fertilizer blends to Agricultural customers using pre-set blends or custom blends. It automatically builds the kit items in RMS and tracks the remaining quantities of ingredients, saves formulas to specific customers for later use, and allows for any number of pre-set formulas to be made.


The Fertilizer Blender

The Fertilizer Blender.

Options Tab in the Fertilizer Blender. Allows you to set your specific items and create custom pre-made formulas.

Options Tab in the Fertilizer Blender. Allows you to set your specific items and create custom pre-made formulas.

Pre-made formulas screen where you can find, create, and edit pre-made and customer formulas.

Pre-made formulas screen where you can find, create, and edit pre-made and customer formulas.

To see how this solution works, click here to watch our demo, or visit our Fertilizer Blender webpage here to learn more.

To discuss this solution, please feel free to reach out to our Farm and Agriculture Specialist, Dan O’Flaherty at (800) 632-9902 or email him at dano@syssolutionsllc.com.

Our Most Popular Add-On

Data Import Tool data mapping screen

Our most popular add-on by far is RMS Data Import Tool. This add-on is used to import items and purchase orders, allowing you to import lists of items to create RMS purchase orders for subsequent receiving. Items are updated based on item lookup codes, UPCs, or supplier numbers. Items are duplicate checked based on item lookup codes and alias (with optional actions to take) and new items are created when they do not already exist in the database. Even more, you can link the same items with multiple suppliers using the item’s supplier tab, and update any specific RMS fields for the same item with the same supplier.

It’s no wonder why this add-on is our most popular, with such attractive features allowing retailers to import valuable data, keep up with suppliers, and make data transitions easy. Using our uncomplicated Microsoft RMS software with our easy-to-use add-ons is a surefire way to have your store running smoothly and successfully.

In addition to our uncomplicated software and easy-to-use add-ons, we also offer support. It has been said that our support is unparalleled. We believe the entire process from initial contact to future meetings, that our team offers a truly unique and positive customer service experience. Not only can our knowledgeable sales team answer your questions, provide informative live demos, and work with your budget, but our support team is there when you need them to make sure your store is functioning as it should. Our intelligent, experienced support team delivers solutions and applies their expertise to those hard to solve issues at your store, allowing retailers to worry about other important aspects of running a store(s).

If you would like to learn more about RMS Data Import Tool, click here or email us at sales@syssolutionsllc.com.

Auto Emailing in POS


One of our popular add-ons is RMS Green Customer Service. With this add-on, one can automatically email receipts and statements to their customers (among other great features), saving time, money and offering an eco-friendly option. One of the most favored features when using RMS Green Customer Service in POS, is the ability to automatically email receipts from point of sale. Customers who are set up will automatically receive an email copy of their receipt. There are many other advantages of this Microsoft RMS add-on that makes it so popular, such as setting up prompts for or requiring purchase order numbers, authorized buyers, job names, passwords, and global discounts. One can also set up tax exempt customers or groups as well. There are many beneficial features that make this add-on so attractive. To learn more about this solution, click here.

To make reviewing this add-on easier we’ve posted demo videos to show the add-on in action including how to configure RMS Green Customer Service, setting up and sending Customer Statements, automatically emailing receipts in POS, required purchase order numbers and authorized buyers in POS, and how tax exemption works in POS.

If you have questions, or would like to purchase this add on, please contact us at sales@syssolutionsllc.com.

We’ve Got A New Add-on

Our new Microsoft RMS Add-on, the layaway updater, allows one to view and edit all layaways in one spot. It displays all current layaways,  layaway numbers, expiration dates and lists all items under it, including ILC, alias, quantity on layaway, RTD quantity, and price. Not only is all of this information available in one spot, but one has the ability to edit price, quantity on layaway, and expiration date, updating layaway in the database.

Interested? Follow this link for more info, or email us with your questions at sales@syssolutionsllc.com


Layaway Updater being edited

A snapshot of the Add-on