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How to Boost Your Retail Sales After the New Year

This article provides great ideas to boost sales in a typically slow time for retailers.

Are you doing anything to boost your sales this January?

“Plenty of people¬†will be heading into stores in January to exchange unwanted items, cash in gift cards or spend gifted¬†money. With the right approach and some advance planning, you can continue to capture their attention, and their dollars, well into the new year.”

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How to Boost Your Retail Sales After the New Year.

How Big Is Christmas For Retail? – Forbes

Annual Average +/- Monthly Sales Comparable Data

Do you agree with the findings in this article? How is your retail business affected by the season?

Christmas is big, no doubt about it. How big depends on what type of retail. Highest honors for big holiday volume goes to sporting goods, electronics, and clothing, but general merchandise and non-store retailers (like Amazon) are close behind. Lower holiday season sales occur at car dealers, building materials stores and gas stations…

How Big Is Christmas For Retail? – Forbes.