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PDF Signature Capture

System Solution LLC’s PDF Signature Capture allows for remote signature of paper signed receipt to be scanned in and saved as a PDF to apply to receipt copies using SS Customer Statements.

PDF Sig Capture Screen with red box

PDF Signatures are applied to customer receipts using SS Customer Statements.

Receipt Copy with darker sig applied

This add on is designed to work with SS Customer Statements.

If you would like to learn more about this solution, please click here, or email us here.

Margin Master Integration

Our Margin Master Integration solution is a tool used to aid in importing and exporting into Margin Master. This tool also imports a price change file that has been exported from Margin Master to make item price changes for the selected supplier.


The Margin Master Integration Home Screen


The Margin Master Integration Import  Options Screen

The Margin Master Integration Import Options Screen

If you are interested in learning more about this solution, click here to view the brochure or for access to the trial, or email us at [email protected].