3 Common Myths About Cloud Solutions

Cloud storage and processing have been a hot topic this year, with more and more business moving their data and operating solutions to the cloud. However, some people still have reservations, and that is due in part to a few common myths that are often times taken as fact. Today we are going to debunk the three most common myths about the cloud.

Myth: You no longer own your information or data

Think if it this way: your data has not changed, it is just being hosted somewhere else. A cloud is essentially a hosting service, so that you do not need to physically store your information on your device. The key here is choosing a cloud services provider that offers what you are looking for. If you do your research before choosing a provider, then you will still be able to own your own data. You can also make sure it states in the contract that if you leave the cloud provider, you can take your data or information with you.

Myth: The cloud is less secure than on-premise

People often think that information hosted on a cloud is more susceptible to security threats or malware. However, when working with a large cloud service provider such as Microsoft Azure, your information is actually more protected. Data on this platform is encrypted twice: while in transit, and while at rest. Encrypted data ensures that only authorized parties can access the information, so this process of double encryption secures your information from unauthorized personnel. Additionally, these large cloud providers are paying for attack prevention tools to protect the information hosted on them, as their reputation is tied to the secureness of their platform. Hosting your data or software on a cloud actually allows you to get high-priced protection at a low cost!

Myth: The cloud is less reliable than on-premise

There is a common myth that the cloud is unstable, and that on-premise is always more reliable. However, as long as you are in a place that has internet connection, then you can access your data or software on the cloud. Your information isn’t going anywhere, and you are able to reach it from various locations and devices. That is not the case with on-premise setups. If your data is only stored on-premise, without being backed up to the cloud, then you are putting yourself at a higher risk. What if your computer crashes? What if an accident happens, and your computer breaks? What if your computer is stolen? The answer to all of these scenarios is simple: Your data is gone. That is not what I call reliable.

The cloud is a relatively new concept, and with myths like the above circulating, it is understandable why businesses would hesitate to migrate their data or processes to a cloud platform. Don’t let popular misconceptions hinder your business from running efficiently, securely, and reliably.

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