Easily add powerful E-commerce features to Business Central with Sana!

Are you able to offer your customers state of the art E-commerce features? By leveraging existing products in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, Sana offers Business Centrals users with a with built in E-commerce option. Whether you sell B2B or B2C Sana can help you reach your customers.

Customers will see up to the second inventory levels, ensuring the products they are shopping for are currently in stock. Pricing tiers/discounts, item specifications and customer accounts are all available too. Selling different variants or in different units of measure? No problem! Sana is designed to be flexible enough for you to sell everything you do in your store, online! Adding these features couldn’t be easier. Sana works based off the products, inventory levels and information already in your Business Central environment!

Click here to see Sana E-commerce in action. Interested in learning more about Sana and Business Central? Contact sales@syssolutionsllc.com today to learn more!