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Manage your finances in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central has built in financials allowing you to manage your entire business in one easy to use software. Preferences, reports, and views can be customized to fit your requirements. Using the Account Role Center allows you to quickly switch roles to view key financial figures in real time. You can grant permission to access this data to whoever needs it, including external accountants. Without that permission your financial data is kept safe and hidden.

Manage the following anywhere on any device with Business Central:
• Accounts Payable and Receivable
• Invoices and Purchase Orders
• Bank Account Reconciliation
• Inventory and Business Costs
• General Ledger
• Recurring Revenue
• Expenses and Revenue Deferrals
• Cash Flow and Cash Flow Forecasts
• And More!

Keeping your finances, point of sale and CRM all in one program saves you time and money. Business Central’s tight integration with Microsoft Outlook, Excel and Power BI allows you to streamline your financial processes even more. View your payment history with a vendor right from your inbox or view/edit open invoices for your customers.

Built in financials is one of many features that gives Business Central an edge over all other retail management softwares. Improve your business processes today by contacting to learn more about Business Central and all the features you could be taking advantage of.

Get work done without leaving your inbox with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Save time and get more work done Business Central’s integration with Outlook. Provide sales quotes for customers, add new contacts and even more without ever leaving your inbox. You already spend a lot of time in your email, use that time wisely and get more done. With Outlook and Business Central accomplish the following without switching screens!

  • Add new contacts to your Business Central CRM
  • Create, update and send quotes and invoices
  • Business Central intelligently suggests items based off the contents of the email when creating quotes and invoices
  • Open up customer and company information to view order history and current opportunities
  • Create, manage and adjust purchase orders
  • Access financial data and statistics for customers and vendors
  • View complete customer profile for any contact
  • Search for and edit documents
  • And much more!

Ready to increase productivity and streamline your business processes? Contact to learn more about the incredible integration between Outlook and Business Central.