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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central offers unparalleled inventory management features

Business Central has powerful and customizable inventory management features to help you spend less time worrying about your stockroom and more time growing your sales. No matter the scope or scale of your current inventory management system, Business Central has the tools necessary to fit your business and take your inventory management to the next level.

Set up Location cards for bins, shelves or warehouses. Get as general or as specific as needed! Business Central supports multiple locations, no need to wonder whether the item is in your stockroom or warehouse. Once set up to fit your store, Business Central will give you up to the minute inventory numbers. Multiple Stores? Business Central can handle that too.

Spend even less time managing inventory units by utilizing the item requisition worksheet. Business Central analyzes inventory units on hand and uses sales projections to determine what items should be reordered and their quantities. The system can even automatically create a purchase order for you, allowing you to get back to selling as quick as possible.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can improve your business processes saving you time and money. Growing your business at a price you can afford is possible with Business Central. To learn more contact sales@syssolutionsllc.com today!

Warehouse Management in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is a complete business management software including powerful warehouse management features! With different levels of complexity and features you choose the warehouse management features needed based off order volume and current business processes. Whether your business implements a detailed bin and slotting system or a simpler organization method, Business Central offers the tools to help you easily improve your warehouse management and increase effeciency.

Business Central Warehouse capabilities include:

  • Automated Data Capture Systems
  • Bins
  • Bins Set Up
  • Internal Picks and Put Aways
  • Facilitate Warehouse Transfers
  • Track Items  
  • Warehouse Receipts
  • Warehouse Shipments
  • And More!

Business Central’s robust warehouse management features help you meet supply chain management challenges and improve efficiency. The scalability of the solution allows you to meet your needs without having to pay for features you don’t need. Contact sales@syssolutionsllc.com to learn more about implementing Business Central and their warehouse management tools.

Mobile Inventory Scanning App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to track your store’s inventory? Do you have multiple stores or warehouses with inventory? Looking for an inventory solution that allows multiple users to scan simultaneously?

The Mobile Inventory Scanning App allows your staff to quickly take a physical count of items on a handheld scanning device. Barcodes can be scanned, or item numbers can be entered. Mobile item counts populate to the Item Journal across all devices.

With System Solution’s Mobile Inventory Scanning App you can:

• Scan barcodes or enter item numbers
• Have multiple users scanning at the same time
• Manage multiple stores or warehouses
• Post inventory results across all devices
• View all adjustments on the ledger entry page
• And more!

If you’re ready to quickly inventory your items, you can download the app here. Questions? Contact sales@sysolutionsllc.com or call (888) 816-8002.

Selling and Tracking Items with a Serial Number in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Many businesses need to track serial numbers of items they sell. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows businesses to manage those serial numbers before, during and after a sale.

With Business Central, serial numbers can quickly be added during a sale. You can enter or scan in the serial number associated to the item. When an item is set up to log a serial number it cannot be sold without entering or scanning a serial number. Serial numbers can be logged at time of purchase, sale, transfer assembly and more.

Similar capabilities exist for recording lot numbers. Track specific lot numbers on outbound units or record the lot number once purchased. Both lot numbers and serial numbers can be required for positive or negative journal entry adjustments for that item.

Business Central can also manage warranty and expiration dates for items. Once set up you can restrict the sale of expired items or require warranty data to be entered when processing a sale. You can set a warranty formula for your items that will automatically calculate the warranty terms once sold.

After a completed sale the serial number or lot number can easily be searched in Business Central. Quickly search by item, lot number or serial number to pull up that unit. Your report will show you the sales order, customer and item associated with that search.

Contact sales@syssolutionsllc.com to learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central can streamline your business processes.