Selling and Tracking Items with a Serial Number in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Many businesses need to track serial numbers of items they sell. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central allows businesses to manage those serial numbers before, during and after a sale.

With Business Central, serial numbers can quickly be added during a sale. You can enter or scan in the serial number associated to the item. When an item is set up to log a serial number it cannot be sold without entering or scanning a serial number. Serial numbers can be logged at time of purchase, sale, transfer assembly and more.

Similar capabilities exist for recording lot numbers. Track specific lot numbers on outbound units or record the lot number once purchased. Both lot numbers and serial numbers can be required for positive or negative journal entry adjustments for that item.

Business Central can also manage warranty and expiration dates for items. Once set up you can restrict the sale of expired items or require warranty data to be entered when processing a sale. You can set a warranty formula for your items that will automatically calculate the warranty terms once sold.

After a completed sale the serial number or lot number can easily be searched in Business Central. Quickly search by item, lot number or serial number to pull up that unit. Your report will show you the sales order, customer and item associated with that search.

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